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Preventative Pet Care at Rice Creek Animal Hospital in Lino Lakes

Preventative care is the best way to promote a pet’s overall health and help keep them healthy over the course of their life. We highly recommend preventative care plans in addition to routine checkups.

Wellness Examinations

Rice Creek Animal Hospital - Pet Wellness Examinations

At Rice Creek Animal Hospital in Lino Lakes, MN, we believe that regular checkups and wellness exams are critical to your pets’ well-being. These wellness exams give us a chance to evaluate the overall health of your pet while also giving us a baseline for their unique bodies and tendencies.

Not only do these exams keep us up-to-date with your pets’ health, but they also allow us to detect potential problems before they become serious. This thorough checkup gives us vital information to help keep your pet healthy!

Regular wellness exams also make your pet more familiar with our veterinary staff, which makes future visits easier for them and you. Please contact us today if you have any questions or would like to learn more about how we care for your pet.


We believe that one of the most important aspects of caring for your pet’s health is vaccinating him or her against possible diseases. There are a variety of diseases that affect our pets and other animals, so proper vaccination is vital to protecting them from many types of illnesses.

It is important to consult with us about the unique risks of living in our region. We will be happy to discuss the benefits of protecting your pet with vaccinations, as well as, provide you with information on the required vaccinations for your pet.

Parasite Control

Pet parasite control is an important part of your pet's overall health. Veterinary professionals can provide advice and treatments to protect your pet from parasites and keep them healthy. They can also diagnose and treat any parasites your pet may already have, as well as recommend preventative measures to avoid future infestations.


Rice Creek Animal Hospital - Pet Microchipping

We are happy to offer microchipping. Every year, thousands and thousands of pets go missing. Not knowing where your pet is or how to bring them back can be a helpless, hopeless feeling. It’s a tragedy that happens all too often.

But there is a simple, safe, and effective way to ensure your pet’s safety and retrieval should they ever become lost. Microchipping is a standard procedure that implants a tiny chip underneath your pet’s fur. It is a painless and relatively fast procedure and is completely safe.

This microchip is registered with your pet’s vital information and can be scanned by any veterinarian or animal shelter so that they can return your pet directly to you.

Save yourself the heartache and stress of a lost pet. Microchips bring pets home.

Nutrition & Weight Management

Weight management and nutrition are important topics for pet owners and veterinarians alike. It is important to understand the role of nutrition and exercise in a pet's overall health and well-being. Proper nutrition, balanced meals, and regular exercise can help keep pets at a healthy weight and reduce the risk of obesity and other health problems.

Taking the time to manage your pet's weight and nutrition is essential for their long-term health and happiness. Proper nutrition, exercise, and veterinary care are key components of successful weight management in pets. Working with your veterinarian can help ensure your pet achieves and maintains an optimal weight and nutritional status.

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