Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Rice Creek Animal Hospital in Lino Lakes, MN! We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets!

Please call us at (651) 483-6128 to speak to one of our caring veterinary staff members!


Brian Hansen, DVM

Although born in Connecticut, Dr. Brian Hansen has considered himself a Minnesota transplant since he stepped foot in the “land of lakes” while visiting veterinary schools. After serving seven years in the United States Marine Corps, which provided a different kind of education and unique perspective, Brian graduated from the University of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2005. While Dr. Hansen’s wife, Dr. Donnell Hansen (a Roseville native and also a veterinarian) completed an internship at Oklahoma State University, he began his veterinary career in Perkins, Oklahoma where in addition to treating the typical dogs, cats, and cattle, Brian endearingly became the goat doctor by the local producers. And yes, as is rumored in Oklahoma, he and his wife indeed enjoyed many afternoons using their hands as bait while wading through Oklahoma’s stained red river banks “noodling” for catfish.

Since returning to Minnesota in 2006, Brian has worked locally and now feels at home after opening Rice Creek Animal Hospital in 2011. The Hansen’s have loved being a part of this community and often support local schools and events. Dr. Hansen’s wife, Donnell, is a board certified veterinary dentist and oral surgeon with BluePearl Veterinary Partners, a referral veterinary hospital in Eden Prairie and Blaine. Although she does not work at Rice Creek, you may see her pop by the hospital from time to time to visit with their work family.

At home, Brian is no longer a veterinarian but a dad to two beloved kids. You can often find them in the backyard practicing their archery or rounding up the chicken flock (always with his French Bulldog shadow, FrankNBeans, in tow. If you ever catch a day that he is not in the hospital (or you show up over the noon hour), chances are Brian is out pursuing his next passion- practical shooting. You know what they say, “once a marine, always a marine.” Want to know more? Just ask Dr. Hansen about his days riding bulls and bucking horses with the Military Rodeo Cowboys Association and Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association or his time spent rescuing giraffes, relocating rhinos, and working on cape buffalo in South Africa!

Alexis Lorenz, DVM

When we realized that Rice Creek Animal Hospital needed a little extra doctor help we came across the perfect person just in time. Dr. Lorenz has been a friend of ours since veterinary school and we have followed her story as she flitted about the country after graduation. After spending time in Wisconsin, New York, and ultimately Nebraska, thankfully for us, she and her husband (a soy bean breeder ~ now, doesn’t that sound Minnesotan?), have come home to the land of lakes to roost. Alexis grew up in the potato fields of Maine but found herself steadily moving east through Ohio for college (where she was dubbed rollerblade girl as they were always strapped to her feet) and onto the University of Minnesota for her veterinary degree. Among having three young and adorable kids, she loves mountain biking and reading but is an ultimate frisbee player at heart. She was in vet school before she ever had her first “traditional” pet, a tabby named Xena who is still with her today. And just like every family with young kids, a fish with the clever name, Mr. Rainbow Fish (hmmm I wonder who named him???) calls her house home. Alexis works at Rice Creek part time (she has three kids after all) so you just may bump into her. Truth be told, Rice Creek wasn’t really looking for a second veterinarian until we heard Alexis was back in town. She honestly is the right fit for our hospital and we suspect, once you meet her, you will understand. Please welcome her to our community… she is kind, warm, practical, and down right nice. Please stop in and say hello to Dr. Alexis Lorenz.

Gregg Phillips, DVM

Dr. Phillips joined our team in 2018 to round out your Rice Creek Animal Hospital doctor team. Dr. Phillips works full time so there is no doubt you will visit with him from time to time. He joins us with a ton of experience, lots of heart, and a gentle calm demeanor (with this quirky touch of humor). You will enjoy his easy atmosphere with obviously loving heart. Here is a little about him, so you all can get up to speed.

Dr. Phillips should really be called Dr. Dr. Phillips (doctor times two!). After earning his biology degree from Macalaster College, he continued his training to receive both an Master of Science and Ph.D in Human Anatomy and Cell Biology from the University of Michigan in the late eighties. You will have to ask him about all of his teaching experience as he taught anatomy and biology courses at all academic levels, many here close to home (who knows… maybe he was your professor?). Heck, you may have even benefitted from his biomedical research in muscle regeneration, wound healing and blood vessel growth. We are working on hearing all the crazy stories from that chapter of his life… human anatomists always have a good tale to tell at cocktail parties.

In those days, Dr. Phillips started adventuring with a Siberian Husky sled dog team. The bond that developed between him and the dogs while standing on the runners through Minnesota winters fostered an interest in veterinary medicine. And who wouldn’t go back to get another doctorate degree? After graduating from the University of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2004, Dr. Phillips has been enjoying veterinary medicine ever since. And to make him even cooler, Dr. Phillips is the head veterinarian for the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon that runs from Duluth up the North Shore of Lake Superior and back.
Dr. Phillips lives in the beautiful hills of Marine on Saint Croix with his wife. With his kids now grown and the passing of his beloved friend, Tuxedo (an aged but handsome Boston Terrier)… he now enjoys a lazy afternoon reading or playing the guitar dreaming of the next four legged friend destined to be his riding buddy.

Please know, no matter what doctor you see here at Rice Creek, we hope you get the same sensation that we love what we do and are here, simply to keep you and your pet enjoying each other’s company for as long as life will allow.


Lisa, CVT

Have you met our friend Lisa? Lisa joined the Rice Creek crew after a long search for just the right person. While many of us have wanted to be in the veterinary field since we were little, Lisa had a successful career in the business/service industries when she had a change of mind and decided to follow her heart to become a certified veterinary technician. It was a big leap of faith and still, we are the ones who benefited. Lisa is reflective, compassionate, experienced, aware, and truth be told, shares Dr. Hansen’s introverted soul and resentment of long Minnesota good-byes… so, they are a bit of kindred spirits! Besides that, Lisa has been friends with our own Kristy for some time so the crew down at Rice Creek sincerely enjoy each other’s company. It is such a gift! Lisa is an avid RV’er and she travels the country with her son and husband making their own adventures on the backroads of America accompanied by her handsome Doberman Pincher and fun-loving Swiss Mountain Dog. Just ask her about the time she drove her huge RV beast through mountainside roads… oh boy!

Bri, CVT

If you ever need a smile, come see our technicians… especially Bri. Bri is ever smiling and is always sharing kindness and optimism. Bri comes with great experience from other wonderful Twin Cities clinics and we really feel quite lucky to have found her. She is quick to share comfort with our patients and honestly, really takes joy in knowing each day she is offering love among the company of our four legged (and occasionally three legged) friends. She shares her home with two Huskies (Czar and Lakota- can you imagine the “music” coming from her home?) and two kitties. When she gets to escape from Rice Creek, you may find her and her hubby adventuring out in the wild of Minnesota astride an ATV looking for her next campsite.

Marissa, CVT

Marissa joined our team in 2018 and was an easy fit. We all really mean it when we say, we truly love spending our day with the animals and Marissa is no exception… and she admittedly digs the science that goes with veterinary medicine as well. There is little cooler than when you find a parasite or ear mite and know, you have a solution to help a pet feel better! Plus, who does not love creepy crawlies? When you get the chance to meet Marissa, please take a moment to thank her and her family for her service. Even with a newborn son (CONGRATULATIONS!), Marissa takes time out of her life and work to provide service to the Army Reserves (and her husband is with the National Guard). Outside of her service to our country, life at home with a babe, a cat named Shadow, and a pitty mix named Bruiser, does not leave a lot of time… but if time finds them… you may find her in a puffy coat snowboarding the slopes or cruising the countryside on her motorcycle.

Danielle, CVT

You guys, oh my, we (and consequently you and your beloved pets) are so fortunate. Danielle is top notch! Danielle had been a key player in developing a warm atmosphere at her previous hospital and jumped right into that role here at Rice Creek. She comes to us with a wealth of both professional and personal experience which is felt by our staff, our pets, and the families that come to see us. As animal people, we do not have to spend much time thinking about the reason “why” we love veterinary medicine as honestly, we get to spend our days cuddled up next to fuzzy friends all day… however you might be surprised to learn that one of Danielle’s biggest “whys” is spending one on one time with our families helping them through the how-tos of sharing their lives with our four legged friends . Danielle has a strong faith which helps guide her as she cares for her family which includes three uniquely cool kids, a collection of furbabies, and her photography loving husband. Although life with three active kids often leads them to a variety of hubbub, her family enjoys adventures in the great outdoors and spends weekends around a campfire whenever possible.

Family Care Coordinators

Emily, our family care representative is here just to make your visit as smooth and pleasant as possible. If you ever call up here, I bet you will hear her sweet and thoughtful voice on the other end of the line. Although originally from the Glencoe area, she has a home here in the twin cities but spends much of her time among Minnesota’s wonderful land and lakes over in Starbuck, MN. Wanna know a fun fact? Emily’s passion for animals and horses actually brought her to work at a thoroughbred farm… never tell her petite self that she cannot manage a 1500 pound horse. Her warm smile and willing attitude make her a wonderful asset up at the front desk. On her off days, Emily is found hunting, renovating their cabin, or playing with her crazy, fun Siberian Husky, Ace.


Brittany is one of our veterinary assistants and although you may not see her very often, she is doing a lot to care for you and your pet in the background. Hers is one of the friendly voices you hear when you call and she is always in the back helping offer comfort and TLC to our furry friends. Macaroni and Noodle (our clinic cats) have decided that Brittany is the bomb since she has been known to be conned into an extra snack or early meal. Brittany has always had a passion for animals as evidenced by her at home companions. Brittany has dogs, cats, snakes, rats, and even tarantulas as friends. So cool!